Marketing your firm.
Don’t know where to start?

This is where you start.

Your plan.
One email.
Delivered every Monday.

Don’t be paralyzed. Marketing success is built with lots of small wins.

Let this be your first.

Get Unstuck Today and Never Look Back

You don’t need another guru telling you you need to blog. You don’t need anyone to tell you how important a professional digital presence sets a firm apart in the minds of clients. You know it’s technically possible to get clients online. You know all that.

So let’s dispense with the generalities and the gurus.

You need a plan. And not just any plan. It needs to be clear. It needs to be concise.  It needs to be laid out in no uncertain terms, because you have clients that depend on you.

You don’t have hours and hours to spend researching marketing techniques only to end up with more questions than answers.



Here’s The Secret Sauce…

Bite-sized tasks, executed consistently. The key is knowing which tasks and a system for coming up with new ones. We have you covered.

Every Monday morning, you’ll receive a marketing plan that’s tailored for busy solo and small firm attorneys like yourself.

Every plan contains:

  • Realistic tasks

    You’re busy. You don’t have time to be a full-time marketer. We’ll provide you with discrete todo’s that you can check off in less than 2 hours per week.

  • Rigorously explained tutorials

    We’ll provide detailed instructions. Instructions that, when followed, actually work. No half-explained jargon here.

  • Day-by-Day Plans

    Marketing is done best when it’s spread out and done consistently. We break up the week into daily tasks that shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes. It’s like 7-minute abs for law firm marketing… except it’s 30 minutes and we don’t guarantee a 6-pack, just a new flow of clients.

  • The Building Blocks of a Sustainable Marketing Program

    All of the instruction focuses on teaching a sustainable approach to marketing your firm, broken up into bite-sized chunks.



When You’re Done…

You’ll have new traffic…

You’ll have new leads…

You’ll be confident in what you’re doing…

You’ll always know what to do next.

(No spam, you have our word!)