What do you do when you only have a few minutes to devote to marketing?

Probably nothing? Maybe you log into facebook to write a post on your page, look up and realize you just spent 20 minutes looking at cat videos and pictures of your friends' kids. Maybe you sit down to start a blog post, but you don't know what to write so you spend 20 minutes staring at a blank cursor. Or probably, you think well, there's nothing I could get done in the next 20 minutes that would make a difference, so maybe I should spend that time on filing or checking email.

Here's a solution

Marketing a firm is a long long road. You probably won't be able to do anything in twenty minutes that will get you a client today. But what if you had a series of 20 minute activities, that, after a while would combine to create a flywheel of digital marketing that will start bringing you consistent business?

Everything you need to market your firm in 20 minute chunks.

Below you will find a number of guides that should take you no longer than 20 minutes to complete. And each one is one fo those low-hanging fruit items that, when done consistently over time, will add up to big results for your firm.

Not knowing what to do is no longer a valid excuse.

Now that you're armed with a plan, you can bookmark this page, and any time you have a free twenty minutes...say a client postponed their call, or no-showed a consultation, now you have a one stop shop for high quality, high leverage activities that won't take up your whole day, and that will get you results.

Differentiating Your Law Firm

Differentiating yourself from the crowd can be a tough ask for attorneys where everyone claims to be a hard worker, knowledgable, etc. To really excel as a firm, you need to find a way to stand out.

Attract Your Ideal Clients and Repel the Rest

If you do one thing for your firm, do this. Your ideal client profile will guide every step you take in marketing and presenting your firm. If you’re struggling to differentiate your firm from your competition, it’s probably because you haven’t honed your target client profile enough. [Tweet “If you do one thing, do this. …

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Law Firm Website Content

Law firm websites are notoriously awful when it comes to content. The copy reads like a resume, and everyone sounds exactly the same. Add in awful images of the scales of justice or law books on a shelf, and you have a recipe for a website that will never distinguish your practice above your competitors'. Use the lessons below to make your website unique, useful, and oriented towards converting more of your ideal prospects into ideal clients.

Gasp! – Add pricing to your law firm’s website.

Want an easy way to differentiate your firm from the competition while at the same time attracting more and better clients? Consider adding more transparency around how much your services cost. Potential clients will thank you (and call you!)