Lawyer, Attorney & Law Firm Blog Marketing

Today’s legal consumer wants information, not just a sales pitch. Give your audience the content they crave with blog content from AmazeLaw. Blog content is an optional service for all of our clients.

Content that is engaging and well written will help make your website more visible to search engines, keep your website consistently high in search rankings on a consistent basis, and provide the information your potential clients need when looking for an attorney like you.

AmazeLaw employs professional content writers, many with legal and professional writing backgrounds, to develop compelling content for your law firm website and law blog. They are trained to fully capture the voice and tone of your firm, and to project your practice’s vision and personality in a manner that is both informative and appealing.

Our content writers and editors also implement the most effective lawyer search engine optimization (SEO) techniques into every written page to increase organic traffic without sacrificing quality by overloading search keywords.

Why Should A Lawyer Blog?

Build Authority

An active law blog helps your firm show your expertise within your practice area.

Satisfy Curiosity

Your law blog’s content can influence potential clients researching your firm.

Increase Visibility

A law blog’s SEO value is crucial in making your website more visible to more people.

Foster Goodwill

As a historical record of your firm, your law blog can engender loyalty among past clients.

How Will Your Service Benefit MY Practice?

Law firm blogs can be a highly effective way to bring visitors to your website. There are many benefits of having a blog for your law firm, and all our SEO friendly blogs offer the following:

  • Fresh Unique Content – Attorney websites that continue to add additional content to their website will encourage more frequent visits by search engine (eg Google, Yahoo, Bing). This means your new content will be added to the search engine indexes faster than normal. Fresh content on your website can also help to improve search engine rankings
  • Client Engagement – All our law blog content is written to encourage visitor interaction through blog comments and inquiries.
  • SEO Friendly URLs and Titles – We provide you with search engine friendly URL structures and titles that make it easy for search engine spiders to find and crawl the content inside your blog.
  • Internal Links – Our content comes ready with links to other content on your website. Linking to other pages within your site or blog to improve your search engine rankings on more search phrases.
  • Inbound Link Generation– Blogs are an excellent way to build additional links to your website, and links are one of the most influential factors in search engine rankings.

FLAT PRICING. No add-ons or “oops, we forget this cost” games.

For a one-time $500 fee, we will deliver you with 3 (three) 1,000 word articles with relevant images to use on your website. That’s it!

Transparent Pricing – We provide you with transparent pricing upfront. No games. $500 for 3 (three) 1,000-word articles of the topics of your choice. Quality content boosts search engine rankings eg Google, Bing, etc. Having higher rankings will make your website stand out and generate more leads.

Let Us Do The Work – Writing law blog content yourself can take time and research. Let AmazeLaw take care of your blog content so you can stay focused on your clients and business.

Stand Out Among Your Peers – AmazeLaw specializes in mobile-friendly, web-friendly and SEO-optimized content that is visually appealing and tailored to lead generation.

Can’t I Just Do Traditional Lawyer Marketing?

Law blog content connects with legal consumers in a way traditional marketing language can’t. Traditional lawyer marketing targets demographics, geographies or practice areas. Lawyer blogs, on the other hand, target information.

Captivating Content Written by Professionals for Law Firms and their Clients

  • Prepared by experienced attorneys and/or professional writers
  • Fully editable so you can easily personalize information
  • Practice-area specific so clients and colleagues view you as an authority in the field
  • Full of both legal and general information to appeal to both attorneys and clients
  • Content can be published on your firm’s site
  • You choose your topic! Some of our most popular topics include bankruptcy, business law, criminal defense, elder law, employment, estate planning, family law, immigration, intellectual, property, litigation, personal injury, real estate, etc.

Impressed Yet? Let Our Award-Winning Team Create Blog Content For Your Firm.

Happy Clients. Positive Results.

Your are probably wondering, how much does this cost?

Like our law firm website and marketing platform, we give you transparent pricing. No add-ons or “oops, we forget this cost” games.

For a one-time $500 fee, we will deliver you with 3 (three) 1,000 word articles to use on your website. That’s it!