Our Story

The story of AmazeLaw really began when I met my wife, Katie, in 2009. Back then, I was a software developer for a defense contractor and Katie was a lawyer at a big firm. For each of us, work was “okay” but we both knew that eventually we’d need something different. As we continued to date, got married, and had kids, both of our priorities shifted. We wanted a family-focused life, and we wanted to teach our kids that they didn’t need to work for someone else to support themselves. We want them to know they can create their own future.

This desire led to what became a pivotal event in our life. One night, Katie came home and told me that she wanted to leave her firm and go out on her own as a solo attorney. The timing seemed right, and we decided that she should go for it. We didn’t know then that this decision would lead to new and exciting opportunities for both of us.

I wanted to help Katie, and I knew she was nervous about the entire process – especially the marketing. She wanted a high quality website, and help understanding online marketing. With my background, I was able to jump right in and help.

I started doing some research to see what other solo and small firm attorneys were doing for their attorney websites, and came to a startling conclusion. Many solos and small firms either had website that were outdated, or didn’t have one at all (not everyone is lucky enough to be married to a software developer who can do the website for free!). Even fewer had blogs or any kind of marketing campaign.

So I decided that I wouldn’t just create a website for Katie, I built an app that allows her to easily blog and manage her Google analytics and email marketing campaigns. Katie loved it, and we both knew that this would be a big help to other solo and small firm attorneys. With Katie’s support, I decided to start AmazeLaw.

Katie and I have always been very entrepreneurial, and we have a soft spot for others who are like us. We love the entrepreneurial spirit of solo and small firm attorneys and want to support that spirit. We believe that the best web and marketing tools shouldn’t be reserved for large law firms with seemingly unlimited resources. Our goal is to help as many solo and small firms take control of their online presence.

Katie and I both work hard, but we are also regular people who like to have fun with our three children (two human, one furry – I gained a step-dog when I married Katie). Katie grew up in Florida and loves tennis, the beach, and all things warm weather. I grew up in New Hampshire and love skiing and hockey. Katie refuses to be a hockey mom, and tries to expose the kids to as much tennis as possible. Only time will tell who will win that battle…

We tend not to focus on our education and experience (although we’re both pretty darn good at what we do). But we can understand that you might want to know more about that part of our life, so please feel free to check us out on LinkedIn (or just reach out to us – we’re happy to tell you more):