Top 7 Website Design Trends in Melbourne for 2024: Insights from Logo Now Experts


Web design is no longer simply creating a website showcasing products and details. Rapid technological advancements are about more than just creating a visual experience for users. Only those websites that are unique and provide a user-friendly interface and appealing layout. Keeping pace with the latest trends, websites remain visually appealing, functional, and user-friendly.

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This blog will discuss the latest design trends that have taken over the Australian design industry.


7 Website Design Trends in Melbourne


  • AI-Generated Designs

AI has become a crucial tool for the designers. Using different softwares and AI tools has increased the efficiency and customisation of designs. AI can easily create designs tailored to specific needs and objectives in very little time. 


  • Denser, Richer Graphics

The current trend is to display visually impactful graphics. This includes using bold colours, different textures, and patterns to create a unique user experience. This approach is far from minimalism and clean layouts. Using denser graphics can instantly enhance the experience.


With such new technology, designers can now include high-resolution visuals, including videos and animations, without compromising loading times or performance.


  • Typographical Evolution

Typography is the art of arranging the type in a way that can look visually pleasing. You can stand out by experimenting with different fonts (e.g., pairing a serif font with a sans-serif font). This typography and symbols can create a visible distinct personality from your competitors.


Some of the most basic typography techniques include-


  • Kinetic typography- In this technique, the fonts are animated, adding movement to give life to the text. This is usually used when creating videos.
  • Calligraphy- This technique offers a personal touch to the typography. 


  • Modern Minimalism: Simple Website Design Inspiration

Simplicity helps create a straightforward design and gets instant recognition from the target audience. Minimalist designs are about clean layouts, white space, and simple colour schemes to create an aesthetic.


At Logo Now, the designers focus on the kind of product or service for which they are designing the website. For example, if it is a luxury brand, the designer would try to keep the website simple and minimalist to showcase the product in the best way possible.


  • Micro Animations Enhancing User Experience


Micro animations are lightweight animations that can instantly enhance user engagement. Melbourne-based businesses can use micro animations to create engaging online experiences that positively impact visitors. Micro animations improve usability and encourage exploration by providing visual feedback and guiding users through the interface.


Subtle movements on web pages help bring a website to life, giving visitors a long-lasting experience. Micro animations and designs can be a great tool to emphasise important page areas and direct the user’s attention accordingly.


  • Storytelling and Interactive Elements

Storytelling in web design helps connect with the target audience. By using interactive elements like animations and infographics on their websites, businesses can engage users emotionally and create memorable experiences. Storytelling and interactive elements can help differentiate themselves in a competitive market and build strong brand loyalty.


  • Non-Traditional Scrolling Techniques


By breaking away from traditional design conventions, businesses can capture attention and create memorable experiences that reflect their brand identity and values. Some examples of non-traditional scrolling techniques:


  1. Parallax Scrolling: In this, the background and foreground of a webpage move at different speeds as the user scrolls.
  2. Fixed Scrolling, also known as sticky Scrolling, is a technique for keeping navigation menus, headers, or call-to-action buttons visible at all times.




Several website design trends are shaping the digital landscape. These trends are here to stay- with the help of AI assistance and micro animation, you can create a highly engaging and unique website.


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