Best Websites to Get Followers on Instagram


Best Websites to Get Followers on Instagram

Instagram is one of the largest social media platforms at the moment. With over 500 million active daily users Instagram is the top choice for influencers, brands, and individuals who are looking to increase their online presence. However, achieving visibility on this platform is not as easy as many think. 


How to get followers on Instagram is a question that many are concerned with. Organic growth, or acquiring followers naturally, takes a lot of effort, patience, and often an extremely long time. Unfortunately, it is an outdated method, too, in the modern era as the majority of Instagram accounts get kickstarted with purchased followers. 


That is why, in this article, we cover the best websites to get followers on Instagram with affordable and high-quality follower packages. 

Why You Should Use Growth Services to Get Followers on Instagram?

First of all, the social media growth agencies are experienced professionals who know how to boost account visibility better than many of us. They are equipped with all the necessary tools and knowledge required for Instagram follower base growth. There are several key benefits associated with buying Instagram followers:


  1. You get results fast – as opposed to organic growth strategies, you get a rapid increase in follower count. You don’t have to wait for weeks and months to start your Instagram business or achieve your dream Instagram account goals. 
  2. Long-term strategy – the followers that you buy will stay forever. The growth agencies ensure that the followers they bring in won’t unfollow you in the future, while organic followers may decide one day to leave your platform. 
  3. Increase web credibility – imagine yourself instead of a visitor to your account – who are they more likely to follow? An account with 100 followers or an account that has 5000+ followers? The answer is obvious – you need to look attractive to Instagram users and interest them

5 Most Reliable Websites to Get Followers on Instagram

When it comes to online social media marketing services you need to be cautious. There are numerous illegitimate companies that never deliver results but do take your money. That is why we always recommend checking the reviews and examining the brands closely. To save your time and resources we provide our top 5 choices for the most reliable options to get followers on Instagram below. 



The most reliable, affordable, and high-quality service you can find on the market for Instagram growth is Mixx. The platform has been popular among Instagram influencers for years due to its dedication to providing excellent service. They take full responsibility for the packages and the results that they deliver. Mixx cares about your Instagram account as if it were their own. 


Mixx has received numerous recommendations and endorsements from popular Instagram accounts. The package pricing starts at 0.89 USD and you can choose packages that range from 50 to 10,000 followers. The benefits, apart from the most affordable Instagram follower services, include:


  • 100% confidentiality
  • 24/7 assistance service
  • International followers
  • 30-day refills


SocialWick is a rapidly growing Instagram solution that first appeared in 2017. The platform became popular quickly due to its real-engagement strategies. In contrast to many of its competitors, SocialWick targets genuine interactions and organic growth. The platform does not use any Instagram bots or fake profiles and your Instagram account looks legitimate and trustworthy with socialWick’s services. 


Additionally, Instagram influencers, brands, and individuals can use customizable plans at SocialWick that allow clients to tailor the packages to their business goals. You can either choose existing Instagram followers packages or request a specific amount. Here are the advantages of SocialWick Instagram follower packages:


  • Customizable packages
  • Targeted growth (choosing target audience)
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Genuine followers (no bots)


SubscriberZ is known as the fastest Instagram growth agency. The minute you purchase your package you start receiving the followers. The best thing about using SubscriberZ to get Instagram followers is the quality of the results. They do not provide fake profiles and bot-generated users – the accounts that follow you are genuinely capable of interacting with your profile and content. 


The company also makes sure that your safety and confidentiality are guaranteed. They never require your account password and can deliver results with just your Instagram username. Out of the many benefits, SubscriberZ clients take advantage of:


  • Real followers (real accounts)
  • Long-lasting results (no unfollows)
  • Fast delivery (within minutes from purchasing)
  • Dedicated customer service


LikesGeek is the most flexible and user-centric place to get followers on Instagram. The platform creators thought about the various needs, budgets, and preferences of the clients and offered two options for Instagram growth. You can choose high-quality Instagram followers or premium Instagram followers that have different strategies. 


  • High-quality Instagram Followers: from tier 2 countries, less than 5% unfollow, 180-day free refill time
  • Premium Instagram Followers: from tier 1 countries, 0% unfollow, 180-day free refill time


The price difference is very little between the two options. Furthermore, LikesGeek prioritizes a customer relationship, which is why it offers exclusive benefits for its users:


  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Ultra-fast results
  • Various payment methods


Twicsy is probably the most famous platform where Instagram influencers get followers on Instagram. Similar to the previous website we discussed, Twicsy also offers two types of follower packages:


  1. High-quality followers – accounts with profile picture but no posts, they may unfollow from time to time (auto-refill available)
  2. Active followers – active Instagram users who care about their profiles, they almost never unfollow


Twicsy is also known for its unbeatable user experience – it is the simplest platform to register on and complete a check-out. You can get your Instagram follower package in less than 1 minute. 


  • Easy registration and purchasing
  • Frequent discounts and promotions
  • Rated 5 out of 5 by customers