Proven Strategies for Growing Your YouTube Subscribers and Views


If you are the one who is looking to get more subscribers for the YouTube channel then, this article is only for you. Boosting the online existence of Your YouTube channel with the given strategies is an easy practice.

You are doing everything for your YouTube channel and creating great content. The only issue you are facing is not gaining the required number of users. So, the only thing you need to work on is gaining YouTube subscribers.

The algorithms working with YouTube help gain more views and viewers if you make engaging content. The more YouTube views you have, the more YouTube subscribers you gain.

Here, we are mentioning 7 proven strategies for growing your YouTube subscribers and views:

To make your YouTube channel viral, you need to always prioritize the audiences, and underneath we are showing some suggestions to assist you.

  •         Increased Watch Time With Longer Videos: The longer watch time you have with your YouTube video, the longer you can engage viewers on your YouTube channel. The longer you keep your viewers engaged on the YouTube channel, the more YouTube sends suggestions to other viewers and visitors. In this way, you will be able to get a wider range of audience that further shows a great number of YouTube Subscribers along with good visibility of your Channel.
  •         Maximizing Channel’s Potential by Adding Titles: Adding titles, subtitles, and captions is important. It impacts your channel’s reach. Easy to access and understand your videos through the content provided makes your channel accessible and in-demand. Captions help to keep your viewers engaged and retain them for a long time. It helps with users’ recommendations on YouTube. A creative video should be user-friendly. Adding up automatic captions also helps to reach high YouTube views.
  •         Dub Videos (other language) with Captions: If you aim to get global reach of your videos then, use captions for translating the videos into various languages. The more you have made your videos with the translating option, the more your videos can be accessed by all around the world. Getting a good subscriber base directly depends on the total amount of time spent by people watching it globally. It simply connects to get more viewers for your YouTube videos.
  •         Interacting Your Viewers Via Comments: Keep yourself engaged in making relationships with your viewers by providing time to directly assist you in getting more subscribers to your YouTube channel. Responding to viewer’s comments makes them feel connected with the YouTuber. 3 important aspects are helping you in this. The first is opening up a dialog box where visitors can express their feelings. Second, is learning from feedback, likes, and dislikes shown by the visitors/viewers. Third is acknowledging your regular and all-time viewers by shout-out to them in your YouTube videos.
  •         Request Viewers To Subscribe to the Channel: Always add a CTA (call to action) in your videos so that you can ask viewers to subscribe to your YouTube videos if they like the video. It simply helps users to keep updated about all your new videos. And in this way, the viewers are never going to miss the genuine content. In this action, you can take the help of YouTube analytics. It will help you to understand where to add CTA. It further assists you in judging where to add CTA so that more YouTube subscribers can be added.
  •         Always work over Engaging Content: The main quality marker for your content over YouTube is making high-on-demand content. The topics for YouTube content creation should be picked up smartly. You always need to understand what your viewers want from you. Afterward, put all your efforts into making that content visually effective so that you can gain the utmost YouTube views. The four tips to make the videos mostly liked by the viewers are:
  1. Always make content that is resonating and liked by viewers.
  2. The smart use of title designs along with Thumbnails for YouTube
  3. The quality of audio, video along with editing practices should be up-to-mark
  4. The recording of your YouTube videos should be in High definition
  •         Don’t delay creating and posting videos: A common practice to get success as a YouTuber is posting videos at least once a week. The regular practice of posting videos keeps you on the safe side. It is seen that emerging YouTube creators don’t take this point seriously and so, the results as expected cannot be received. Consistency is the only practice that shows positive results. This helps to create lots of loyal fans for your YouTube videos.

Apart from these points to help you out, you need to take care of optimizing your YouTube videos, adding YouTube trailers in all the videos, as well as removing old/unused videos. Moreover, you also need to check if any low-quality videos are running on your YouTube channel. If any of such mistakes are avoided, you can see drastic disadvantages. So, keep an eye over all the points mentioned and you will surely get positive results as lots of YouTube subscribers.

Once you have worked over all the suggestions, you need to check the number of YouTube views and subscribers with the user of below below-mentioned process.

  •         Open your YouTube account where you post the videos
  •         Go to the top of the right corner and see Your Channel tab
  •         Go to YouTube Studio dashboard, scroll down to the bottom of the dashboard, go to Recent Subscribers
  •         By making a click over the “See all” tab, you will be able to see a complete list of subscribers.
  •         You can see the recent subscribers in the pop-up window
  •         See the right corner of this window and you will see “Lifetime”
  •         By selecting it, you will be able to see the subscriber count

Also, if you want to check the growth of your YouTube channel, click on the Analytics tab from the menu. You can see it at the left of the dashboard, here you can see detailed information about the subscribers. It helps you to see the newly added YouTube subscribers for a particular time frame.