5 Marketing Ideas for Law Firms of Any Size


Photo by Giammarco Boscaro on Unsplash

Operating a thriving law practice necessitates more than just legal work. Even with exceptional client service, your firm’s expansion hinges on a potent law firm marketing strategy. In a progressively digital realm where over a third of potential clients commence their lawyer quest online, emphasizing a digital approach is paramount.

Whether you’re embarking on launching your law firm’s marketing initiatives or enhancing an ongoing strategy, let’s dissect five validated strategies you can adopt now to achieve your growth targets.

Develop Your Own Personal Business Growth Strategy

In contrast to a marketing plan, this aspect is a fundamental element of your company’s overall marketing strategy. Within your personal business growth strategy, schedule a specific amount of time every week for sales and marketing tasks.

These crucial activities often get neglected due to the significant time lawyers dedicate to client service. Determine the time you can allocate to these tasks and prioritize them as if you were your top client.

Establish clear roles and expectations for all marketing team members, including yourself. While partners should focus on strategy and client interactions, your executive assistant (EA) should handle the operational tasks such as scheduling meetings and managing phone calls.

Focus on Local Keywords

The fundamental element of a successful local SEO strategy is the integration of local keywords. When a user inputs a specific phrase into a search bar, the search engine scans through web pages containing identical or related words and displays them in the search results, exemplifying search engine operation.

Employing local keywords makes your content and website visible in search results when potential clients seek insurance-related information, queries, or services within your local area. To ensure that your web pages surface in these searches, incorporate keywords like workers compensation lawyer or your geographic region, which are terms that are typically searched for when individuals seek local law firm details.

Address One Practice Area Step by Step

Prioritize mastering one practice area before diversifying. Maintaining a focused approach amidst numerous marketing channels and audience segments can be challenging in law firm marketing. Remember, effectiveness beats how busy you are.

Concentrating on launching one tailored marketing campaign at a time proves more beneficial than juggling multiple campaigns with limited impact across various practice areas simultaneously.

Develop a Written Marketing Plan

Currently, most law firms lack a clearly outlined marketing strategy. Many well-established practices still perceive marketing as simply networking over lunch and nurturing connections. However, in an intensely competitive industry, the initial step for firms of all scales is to develop a concise written plan. As you dedicate significant time to writing for your clients, your marketing plan deserves the same attention.

This plan should maintain a broad overview. Clearly outline success metrics through specific KPIs (key performance indicators). These should be concrete and achievable objectives, like expanding your target audience or enhancing conversion rates by a certain percentage.

Create Listings and Local Directories

Legal marketing heavily focuses on increasing brand visibility to better reach potential clients. Certain clients may use local or industry directories for preliminary research, where many of these directories provide advanced search tools to assist individuals in locating nearby law firms or attorneys that offer the required services.


Marketing success for small law firm owners can be attained without a substantial budget or a large team. Implementing marketing strategies and tactics effectively is possible with limited resources, whether working solo or with a small team of employees.