Advanced Schema Markup for Legal Websites: A Quick SEO Guide


With so many different aspects of digital marketing, it may seem a bit complicated to strategize it all. However, when you break down each aspect into its simplest terms, it isn’t that complicated. When someone searches a term on a search engine, they’ll typically see a snippet of the website or result they’re about to click on. What is contained within that snippet is known as schema markup. 

Schema markup is a very valuable tool to control how your website and marketing content is displayed. Utilizing schema markup can even help your results rank higher! Legal websites can use schema markup to boost their location, video content, informational content, and more. This guide will explain how. 

Why Use Schema Markup?

Schema markup makes your result on a search engine more helpful and organized. It entices users to click on it. Those without schema markup have disjointed and often unreadable text near their website name that pushes it further down in search engine results. In the legal field, it can allow your law firm name and location or an answer to a user’s question to be displayed prominently, clearly written out right on the search engine.

Rank Higher

Using schema markup can help you rank higher on a search engine. Search engines filter content using schema markup information; when you have high-quality, accurate schema markup, a search engine can read the content of your website more easily. That can help you rank higher, enticing users to use your legal website over others.


When schema markup is properly written on your legal website, your results are more readable. If a potential client is searching for a general answer to a legal question, any information on your website that directly answers it will be helpful and readable immediately on the search engine, drawing the user to your expertise.


Schema markup makes your result on a search engine page look clean, readable, and neat compared to other websites. This makes you appear professional, legitimate, and dedicated to not only your craft but to your online presence as a whole. 

More Traffic

With your legal website’s schema markup, appearing higher on the search results and having a clean result snippet will result in more potential clients seeking out your website for answers and legal services.

Types of Legal Schema Markup

There are many different types of schema markup, and the select few below are not an exhaustive list. However, these are the most common ways a legal website can utilize schema markup to improve its SEO strategy and in turn, take on more clients!

Frequently Asked Question

A frequently asked question (FAQ) markup allows your legal website to provide answers to certain questions directly on the search results page. Typically, the answers are clicked on in a drop-down list format underneath your website name. This is great for legal websites to advertise their services (“How much does a lawyer cost?”), or answer specific legal questions (“Do you need a lawyer after a car accident?”).


An organization schema markup allows you to place specific information about your organization, company, or law firm directly on the search engine page. It can include contact information, average review ratings, a brief description, and more. This adds credibility to your law firm and helps users find information about your business more easily.

Location or Local Business

Local business schema is somewhat similar to organization schema, with a few differences. These markups provide location information relevant to the user’s location, such as directions, hours, and appointment-setting links. 

This allows in-person clients to find your business more easily and browse reviews. A local markup result is a great way to improve local SEO for lawyers.


If your marketing content or social media strategy includes videos of any kind, you can place a thumbnail for them directly on your search engine results! Video object schema markup helps you achieve this, allowing users to directly see your video content and help them answer any questions they may have. It not only promotes your law firm as a whole but also your video marketing strategy.

How to Implement Schema Markup

Google, Schema, and other resources can provide DIY assistance for your legal website. For best results, however, finding an SEO team that can optimize your website for schema markup might be the best option. It will save you time and ensure your schema is detailed and accurate.


Legal websites and law firms can greatly benefit from utilizing schema markup as a part of their SEO campaign. It essentially makes your search engine results clearer, more helpful, and rank higher. With simple page editing, your legal website’s SEO strategies can see a lot more success.