5 Revolutionary Graphic Design Trends by BrandVillage in Melbourne for 2024


In the year 2024, there will be a huge change happening in the artistic world, and graphic design in Melbourne will be at the forefront of it. BrandVillage, a Melbourne-based design firm known for its forward-thinking approach and unique style, has compiled a list of five revolutionary graphic design trends that will change how people communicate visually. 

With a focus on sustainability, digital surrealism, and inclusive design, these trends combine technological advances with deeply rooted artistic forms. From the return of nostalgic styles to the acceptance of futuristic elements, these design trends show how society and technology have changed and hint at where design will go.

Top 5 Revolutionary Graphic Design Trends in 2024 

Graphic design trends come and go, changing how we interact with visual communication. We will look at the top graphic design trends in 2024, changing how we see and interact with visual communication.

Cluttercore: Embracing Maximalism and Self-Expression

Cluttercore is your style to make a strong statement and show who you are. Cluttercore elevates maximalism by embracing excess, extravagance, and brilliant colours. It loves getting people’s attention and makes people feel good using thick strokes, purposeful overlap of pictures, and bright colours.

This design trend fits in with the general chaos in the world and gives people a unique way to express themselves in reaction to the chaos around them. Cluttercore connects us all by praising mess and embracing artefacts that reflect our individuality or passion.

3D surrealism

3D hyper-surrealism is the most crucial style in graphic design for 2024. It’s interesting how this style mixes hyper-realistic and strange 3D designs with organic and abstract shapes, bright colours, and unique fonts. As 3D design technology advances, designers push the limits of visual exploration and question how we see the world.


3D hyper-surrealism creates realistic escapes and thrilling experiences, getting people’s attention by letting them boldly express themselves. Brands can use this trend to produce exciting designs that are a pleasant respite from the world’s challenges. This trend spreads happiness and is a breath of fresh air, whether it’s through colourful mascots, exciting infographics, or interesting characters.


AI-enhanced design practices


In 2024, AI will definitely be a designer’s best friend, giving them a hand (or rather, a processing unit) to make their work easier and let their creativity run.


Imagine software that can figure out what you want your design to do and suggest colour schemes based on your audience. It could even make mood boards for you based on the work of your favourite artists. AI will help you be more creative in the future, not take away from it. 

You can focus on the big picture, like coming up with new ideas and concepts, while tools like automatic image resizing, background removal, and colour correction save you time and let you do the things that make a good design great.


For example, Adobe Sensei is a great AI assistant for designers. It is driven by machine learning and designed to help users be more creative. 


Experimental typography


We saw many new font styles in graphic design last year, but that’s not the case this year. I kid you not—exciting fonts are still in, but they look more modern now! They are also being used as the main piece of design.


Some designs get past language obstacles by focusing on how they look. Sans serif fonts that are used for everyday things are becoming less popular. Instead of words, fonts will communicate through shape and colour.


As we test how far the limits of readability can be pushed while still keeping things clear, display fonts and serif fonts are taking the lead. Various display fonts exist, but we think that long, handwritten fonts and abstract letters will become more popular.


Retro pixels


Remember the big heroes and bright worlds you used to play with as a kid? They are back! 

Pixel art is making a cute comeback, adding a bit of nostalgia to designs. Blocky friends will be on everything from logos to websites. 8-bit worlds will take you back to the days of classic video games, and minor game-inspired elements will add a playful wink. 


This retro style with a modern twist gives branding, website design, and even packing a fun, nostalgic feel.


Pixel art isn’t just about looking old; it’s also about praising how simple and limited things can be. It shows that the most exciting visuals sometimes come from having few things instead of many.


For example, Lacoste’s famous crocodile got a pixelated makeover as part of its partnership with Minecraft, a nod to nostalgia and video game culture.

It appeals to people of all ages because it is naturally simple and bright, a nice change from many modern images that are too realistic.



As we head ahead in 2024, the revolutionary graphic design trends revealed by BrandVillage in Melbourne provide a glimpse into the future of visual communications. Take advantage of these trends to connect with your audience more deeply and stand out in a crowded market. BrandVillage’s awareness of how design styles change shows its dedication to new ideas and success in the creative field. As these trends shape the graphic design landscape, businesses and designers should look into them and use what they learn in their projects. If you want to change how people see your brand, now is the time to work with BrandVillage and make your ideas come to life.