Navigating Instagram Services: Trusted Sites For Quality Purchases


According to Statista data, one in every two Instagram influencers buy followers. This means those influencers you have admired because of their massive following usually have fake followers. One way of quickly increasing your Instagram engagement is by buying followers. This article will guide you to the top sites for buying Instagram followers.

Where to Buy Instagram Services

If you are wondering where these influencers buy followers, here are some of the top sites ranked in the order of the quality of their followers.

1. Mixx

Ratings: 9.5/10


Mixx focuses on organically growing your Instagram account so that you can focus on what matters. The site delivers high-quality, targeted followers at an affordable price. Whether you need followers from a particular country, sex, or buying behavior, Mixx will deliver that.

The site uses AI to deliver high-quality followers with Instagram images, bios, and regular posts. It has a strong presence on social media, where its previous users praise it for its high-quality followers.


  • Good customer service.
  • Lots of positive reviews.
  • Safe and discreet.
  • Superfast delivery of followers.


  • Doesn’t have all media services.


Ratings: 9.3/10


Our second-ranked site for delivering high-quality Instagram services at an affordable price is SubscriberZ. The site mobilizes Instagram users to like and comment on your posts for a reward. The method works as it assures you of genuine followers and likes from people who will also engage with your content. Their Instagram delivery method is the most innovative one we have in 2024.


  • Unique and creative way of generating following and engagement.
  • Suitable for building an authentic Instagram community.
  • Followers do not drop.
  • 24/7 live chat support.


  • Packages from 200 followers.

3. SociaGreg

Ratings: 9/10


What we like most about SocialGreg is that they constantly research and create groundbreaking methods of growing Instagram accounts with genuine followers at an affordable price. In 2024, they will use AI and blockchain technology to promote Instagram followers. Besides, they are members of different follower exchange programs that guarantee real people follow your account.


  • Leverages the latest technology to deliver authentic followers and likes.
  • It has a free trial package where you can try its free services.
  • Non-drop followers and engagement.
  • There are many positive reviews.


  • It only works with public accounts.

4. Pathsocial

Ratings: 7.8/10


Path Social allows you to buy Instagram followers in three simple steps. You need to tell them the kind of followers and audience you want to buy. After that, choose the number of followers you want, provide them with your Instagram account, and leave the rest to them.

 While their services are slow, they will deliver in less than seven days. However, we didn’t like that they never bothered to inform you of the progress of your order despite the long waiting period. Their customer service is handled by bots that will give you generic responses.


  •  Average quality services.
  • Does not require a password.
  • Wide range of social media services.


  • It can cause your IG account to be suspended.

5. Famoid

Ratings: 7.5 /10

Another site that offers a wide range of Instagram services, including likes, dislikes, views, and story views, is Famoid. The site claims to deliver followers who will engage with your account. It also claims to have good customer service, but it usually responds within 14 days.


  •  Variety of affordable packages.
  • Delivers relatively fast.


  • Followers don’t bring any engagement.
  • Poor customer service.

6. Buzzoid

Ratings: 6.8/10

Buzzoid claims to deliver real followers that will drive the organic growth of your account. However, judging from independent review sites, they don’t deliver real followers. In response to the many negative comments that suggest they sell bot followers, they always claim to be a different site called Buzzoids. However, our research found no such site; only the main site exists.


  • Has been in the market for a long time.
  • Safe to enter credit card details.


  • There are lots of negative reviews claiming they deliver fake followers.
  • Followers will unfollow your account within three days.

7. Buyfol

Ratings: 6.5/10

While it’s an Indian-based site, Buyfol offers Instagram services to users worldwide. While you cannot expect quality services from an overseas site, you can consider them if you don’t mind receiving bots. However, you might find them unresponsive if an issue arises.


  • Wide range of services.
  • May be suitable for Indian-based buyers.
  • Easy buying process,


  • Poor Quality bot followers.

In Conclusion

Buying Instagram followers is an excellent way of boosting your following. If you are unsure where to buy, we have reviewed the top 7 sites for you. However, even on our list, many sites sell bot followers. If you need genuine followers and engagement, we recommend you buy from SocialGreg, SubscriberZ, and Mixx.  These are the only sites we confirmed to br selling genuine followers who pose zero risk to your IG account.