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2024 Update:

The AmazeLaw team is excited to announce our updated Amazon Advertising Agency picks for 2024!


  1. Voy Media
  2. Search Engine People
  3. ROI Revolution
  4. Vertical Rail
  5. Add 3
  6. Nuanced Media

Online purchasing has increased, causing retail to struggle increasingly with each passing year. Companies like Amazon have been dominating how people purchase anything from video games to that newest mattress you’ve been searching for. Because of this massive change in the market, advertising has been adapting and benefiting from companies like Amazon.

Amazon has 310 million active users and grossed over 178 billion dollars in 2017 alone. So it’s no surprise advertising companies are trying to benefit from the growing market.

In this article, I’ll discuss the five best advertising agencies you should use on Amazon and some difficulties you could face in choosing the most effective option. Agencies have professional marketing teams to ensure you get the best results to spread your brand.

Advertising on Amazon and the Challenges it Presents

Why should I use an advertising agency for Amazon? It can be frustrating deciding how to hire an advertising agency for major companies like Amazon, but when I discuss the benefits, the frustrations will bother me less and less.

One of the significant benefits of hiring these agencies is simplicity. Digital marketing can be difficult. With the vast number of decisions to make for how to profit the most from advertising, an agency takes all the stress away.

Advertising agencies work to achieve your goals with your specific needs in mind. Most of these agencies have a team of social experts to guarantee you’ll get the best results. Their marketing teams are driven to promote your brand through different forms of technology. Deciding how you want your brand or product upgraded will make choosing which agency will work for you easier.

What are some difficulties? The benefits speak for themselves, but what’s the catch? While finding the right agency will simplify your life, it isn’t easy to decide. Each advertising agency has strengths and weaknesses. They are alike in some ways but very different in others.

Some common challenges you’ll face are:

  • What are the advertising agencies’ strengths are.
  • How much you’re willing to spend.
  • Deciding which advertising agency is right for you. 

Which Advertising Agency is Best for Amazon?

For instance, some agencies will focus on creative development, Instagram advertising,g or mobile app advertising. Their team could be suited to make a shiny website that could help promote your brand or product on Amazon. But they could also be more done on strategy; ensuring keywords typed across Amazon will lead to the best results for your brand, and deciding what works for you is an excellent step to picking an agency.

Another problem is finding cost-effective ways to manage how you want to advertise. Whether getting your brand sponsored on Amazon or paying for each click you receive, deciding what financially works for you will be a big step to finding the right advertising agency.

Which should you go with? Deciding which agency you choose to go with will be the hardest one. There are tons to choose from, each with its strengths and unique strategies. The best agency for you all depends on what you need. Each agency will work to fit your needs, but you have to decide which one you think will meet those needs.

I’ll review the five best advertising agencies, ranked in order, which you should consider.

  1. Voy Media
  2. Search Engine People
  3. ROI Revolution
  4. Vertical Rail
  5. Add 3
  6. Nuanced Media

I’ll explain their strengths so you can decide which one will best help you exceed your goals. Advertising on Amazon can be complicated; these agencies will remove the complications and help you spread your brand.

#1 Voy Media

Voy Media is located worldwide,d from New York to Europe. Innovation is a common trope with Voy Media. They’re innovative pioneers themselves. They started advertising for their products and creatively succeeded with their unique style.

They focus on experimentation, always finding new ways to advertise your brand uniquely. On top of this, they still utilize a firm strategy with their team. This combination is why Digital Operatives earn the #1 spot on this list.

They stick with the mantra, “Start Small. Think Big. Adapt.” They’ve stuck by this and brought an exceptional advertising agency that blends its unique creativity. So, what about the work? What’s so special about Voy Media?

A review from their New York office says, “Solid morals – truly care about their clients and delivering the best possible solutions to the,m which are super cool (and refreshing.).” This review speaks volumes about their goals.

Voy Media’s primary goal is yours. They move through a structured and proven strategy that guarantees the best advertising for your brand. First, they’ll want to understand what you want and where you want to go. They treat every business uniquely.

KPIs. These are key performance indicators. Voy Mediasetst these to follow an intelligent direction for your brand. When success is shown on these indicators, they’ll capitalize on it and keep the success flowing. When there is room for improvement, they improve.

We’ll discuss other excellent advertising agencies perfect for Amazon advertising. ButVoy Media sets the bar pretty high regarding dedication, driven by a long-term partnership.

#2 Search Engine People

Search Engine People was founded in 2001. Located in Canada, they were one of the first digital marketing agencies. As Google grew in popularity more and more, people were finding ways to advertise their products online. Jeff Quipp, the founder, decided to launch Search Engine People.

Search Engine People has over 70 employees and have worked on over 2000 projects. They thrive on their team knowledge. Many of the team members are now Professors across schools in Canada. They believe when you succeed, they succeed.

Many people underestimate how difficult it can be to manage your digital marketing on Amazon and Search Engine Peopleknows. Regent says, “First class organization. Everyone we’ve dealt with has been personable, efficient, and motivated. Our Google AdWords results have increased significantly; it’s been money well spent!”

When you partner with Search Engine People, you’ll be led by a dedicated account manager who will work to make sure your unique voice echoes throughout their office. They will make sure the team is marketing to meet your goals. When you win, they win.

They focus on trends in the area you want to advertise on Amazon. These trends help mold the digital strategy they’ll use to ensure your brand is being shared. Their expertise with hundreds of clients allows them to gather the best trends and designs to meet your goals.

#3 ROI Revolution

While ROI Revolution didn’t make the top of my list, it was a close second. They have over 450 brands and retailers that help advertise globally. They drive over 1 billion dollars in revenue for those clients,s including Kenneth Cole, Hue, and Scully and Scully. When you use ROI Revolution, the work speaks for itself.

While ROI Revolution focuses on hundreds of brands and strategies, they focus on Amazon advertising. ROI Revolution states on its website, “Roughly twice as many shoppers start their product search on Amazon over Google.” They know this and have specific strategies to ensure your brand is being viewed.

They even have a guide on their website discussing topics such as “dynamic tactics” for showing off through all the competition on Amazon to taking “full advantage of Sponsored Products.”

Nicole says, “At first, we feared that ROI Revolution would not understand our complex product offerings and brands. …The team helped relieve our fears. It was clear in the discussions they did understand.” This review doesn’t come surprising,g given their expertise.

ROI Revolution stands out using its unique strategy, execution, and optimization. They can adapt by constantly testing and analyzing their system and only stick with proven methods to optimize your Amazon advertising.

#4 Vertical Rail

It doesn’t matter if you’re experienced in digital marketing already; selling on Amazon can be difficult even for veterans. This is why Vertical Rail markets for two different types of people, new sellers on the Amazon Marketplace and experienced veterans who need a strategic plan to boost their profits.

Vertical Rail uses tactics like these to boost your sales and make your life easier:

  • Increase Organic Traffic
  • Increase Conversion Rate
  • Increase Sales

One review says, “If you’re serious about getting what needs to be done, then you’ll do very well at VR. This is a no BS, cutting edge, out-of-the-box thinking environment that rewards creative, forward-thinking minds.”

While you may not be getting the same experience you would expect from Digital Operatives, you are getting the same passion. They stick with their proven strategies to ensure you’re advertising the best you can on Amazon.

Amazon has around 300 million users, so having experts manage your marketing is vital. Vertical Rail focuses on hands-on- account management and organic search marketing, ensuring you get the best results for your brand.

On top of this, they also focus on web design and social and mobile marketing. This wide range of marketing options creates a low-risk opportunity for you to advertise your products on Amazon.

#5 Add 3

Addthree3 is based in Seattle, and on top of Amazon, they also advertise for companies including Costco Wholesale, Boyd gaming, and its Cosmetics. While they still provide a unique strategy, they don’t have enough experience to rank higher on my list.

While this could be negative when you’re making a decision, many could find this as a positive. What they may lack in experience, Addthree3 makes up for in a more personal relationship. Without having 450 dedicated clients like ROI Revolution, you’ll most certainly get a more personable experience.

Like many other agencies, they advertise on Amazon through Sponsored Products and Headline Search Ads. While it isn’t unique, they remain successful for its clients. Regarding a budget, this company could be worth looking more into.

Given a smaller client base, transparency is where they shine. They’ll be honest about the results of their strategies with your brand and revamp when needed. What Add 3 lacks in numbers, they make up for in a driven staff dedicated to your success. Your success is theirs.

#6 Nuanced Media

Nuanced Media was founded in 2010 and is an Amazon Verified SPN Partner who has sold $100s of millions on Amazon. They partner with 7-figure sellers and renowned brands such as Dollar Shave Club, True Citrus & Lux Unfiltered on Amazon. Their expertise has been recognized by leading platforms like BuzzFeed, CNBC, and ModernRetail, among others.

They empower their partners through the following methods:

Proactive Advertising Strategy & Management: Nuanced Media’s Amazon Advertising Specialists focus on proactive Amazon PPC and Amazon DSP strategies to drive superior campaign performance. Once they learn what is working, we double down on it to make sure you get the best results possible.

Holistic Approach: They focus on every aspect of your Amazon business with growth potential, ensuring no opportunity is overlooked. Our holistic approach aims to create a comprehensive and effective strategy that resonates with your audience, maximizes the impact of each effort, and substantially increases your revenue and profitability.

Fractional CMO Consulting: Leveraging their extensive retail experience, we bring a diverse skill set to bolster your business both on Amazon and beyond. They have the roadmap for Amazon and what your next priorities should be beyond Amazon.

If you’re seeking a partner to not only elevate your success on Amazon but also guide you in thriving as a successful e-commerce brand, then Nuanced Media is your ideal choice.

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Final Thoughts

By now, if you’re considering advertising on Amazon, you already know the challenges and pitfalls you could face. Problems can add up, whether it’s the vast number of options or a fixed budget, issues can add up.

Advertising agencies speak for themselves by utilizing professional and proven strategies to ensure you succeed. Your success is their success. Your failure is their failure. It’s accountability that drives the need for an agency.

You can expect results from professional agencies like thefive5 we discussed in this article. The options are endless, whether it be ROI Revolution with proven numbers for their success or Add 3 for a more personal client relationship.

Amazon is growing and growing every day, changing the world. While you’re looking to take advantage of that, advertising agencies are too. They benefit from you, and if you’re unsatisfied, they change their strategy to ensure you are.

The risks are minimal when using a successful agency. The results are there, and they don’t lie. While Amazon is growing, so is the vast amount of content. You need professional marketers to ensure people can see your product.

The stress of not spreading your brand enough really isn’t worth it. The options are endless, and the risk is low. Use this list to find an advertising agency that works for you and can meet all your needs. There is a perfect company for everyone, and they’re waiting for your success.

Amazon continues to grow, and your product can be made too.

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