Best Email Template Builders for 2024


Email marketing remains to be an invaluable method used by enterprises with the goal of engaging customers and generating conversions. Picking the right email template builder can be crucial when it comes to building an email campaign that converts subscribers and at the same time looks professional. Below you will find a comprehensive instruction on the best email template builders for 2024.  With it, you will never be lost among tons of various platforms.

Overview of the Email Template Builders.

What Makes Email Builder so Great?

This tool needs to have an optimal balance between pragmatism, adaptability, and comprehensive functions so that it suits amateurs and advanced marketers alike. The best tool possesses a lot of templates and features that can be customized without the help of a technical guru.

Features You Should Focus On

While deciding on an email builder, ensure that it provides the features you will need for your marketing campaigns like drag-and-drop interfaces, responsive design options and possibilities of integrating with other marketing tools. They allow us to swiftly design and create high quality and attention-grabbing emails.

Top selections for favorite email template builders

Best Free Email Builder

The best free email builder which can create cost-effective marketing emails is a solution with significant functionality without paying any fee. These builders, in particular, will be useful for small businesses and startups aiming to connect to the audience without significant investments.

Customizable Basic Templates: Try out a host of starter templates that you can easily customize to suit your brand look and feel.

User-Friendly Drag-and-Drop Interfaces: Ease the design process using intuitive drag-and-drop editor which doesn’t require any prior coding knowledge thus enabling the creation of beautiful emails.

Essential Analytics: Measure the performance of your email marketing campaign using the basic analytics, which give you the information on the open rates, click-through rates, and much more, allowing you to under your target audience engagement level.


 Best Email Builders

When it comes to the best email builder, the leading tools offer advanced features such as:

-A huge library of pre-made templates.

– Advanced integrations with CRM applications.

– Comprehensive analytics and A/B testing tools can play a significant role in customer retention.

– Additional delivery features to confirm messages are delivered into the recipient inboxes.


 Comparison of Top Email Builders

To help you choose the best email builders for your needs, here is a list of the best email builders, detailing their unique features and benefits:

Stripo (King of Templates): Stripo outshines other similar plugins with its huge library of more than 1,500 responsive templates. In this case, you will most likely get what you need without the hassle of designing it yourself. Stripo does not only that but also includes tools like image editor and AMP support, which makes it really versatile.

Tabular (Drag-and-Drop Delight):  By having a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, Tabular is a great choice. It has a user-friendly interface that allows beginner users to create emails of exceptional quality. Though Tabular provides less pre-made templates than Stripo, it stands out in terms of creating responsive emails and working with complicated layouts.

Beefree (Simple Yet Feature-Rich): Beefree is simple and easy in usage but it is also functional. The platform offers a variety of about 370 responsive templates and an easy-to-use interface, so you can create stunning emails with great ease. Beetree is known for having a stock library of more than 500,000 images, GIFs, and stickers that can help you make your emails more appealing.

Moosend (Marketing All-in-One):  While Moosend is not only creating the templates, they offer a full email marketing platform. In other words, it allows you to create, send and track your email campaigns within this single space. Moosend has a good combination of pre-designed templates and your ability to import your own HTML design. Moreover, it works in sync with Unsplash, one of the best free email template builder.


 How to Choose the Right Email Builder Tools

 Assessing Your Needs

Before choosing the email builder tool, make sure you determine your specific needs and the complexity of the email campaigns that you are going to launch. Take into account the size of your subscriber list, the level of detail you like to have and your budget.

Testing and Evaluation

Many email builder tools offer free trials. Leverage them to see how the tool fits in with your marketing workflow and to determine whether it is sufficient in terms of its user-friendliness and functionality.


Selecting the right email builder or the popular free email template builder can revolutionize your email marketing practice, making it swift and efficient, with engagement and conversion in mind. Whether you decide to go with the fully-featured, paid version or the more basic, free version, the right tool will help you perfect your emails and make them more efficient which will lead to greater marketing success in 2024.