Best Google AdWords Advertising Agencies 2023


2023 Update:

The AmazeLaw team is excited to announce our updated Google Ads Advertising Agency picks for 2023!


  1. Voy Media
  2. Disruptive Advertising
  3. AdVenture Media
  4. Loud Mouth Media
  5. Ignite Visibility

It pays to understand and consider Google ads, search marketing strategy and AdWords if you are interested in online advertising. Google earned over $95 billion (approximately 86% of its revenue) from advertising last year because its pay-per-click (PPC) advertising model is highly effective. Whether you are an entrepreneur who’sjust starting or have millions to spend on advertising each month, you need to have AdWords on your radar.

If you’re already proficient at online advertising and promotion, you may be able to learn AdWords on your own or hire a suitable employee. Some people run their paid and search engine marketing strategy in-house.

But most business owners and managers already have their hands complete with running a successful business or using a Facebook advertising agency. AdWords’ complexity and long learning curve are obstacles to successful PPC marketing campaigns.

Big and small businesses often hire a professional agency to assist with implementing and running an AdWords campaign. Hiring or training one employee may be less cost-effective than going outside your company.

A PPC agency specializing in Google AdWords can provide valuable advice, devise short- and long-term strategies, and save you time and money navigating the world of pay-per-click advertising.

Unfortunately, when choosing an agency to assist with AdWords, beginners may find it challenging to select the right agency – or even to understand the differences between one PPC agency and another. There are hundreds of agencies, but it’s hard to choose the right one unless you know a thing or two about AdWords.

I’ve put this guide together to make your life easier. I’ve compiled the essential facts to consider when choosing an AdWords agency, so you can learn the basics without spending hours researching. I’ve also combed websites and read hundreds of reviews of different providers to bring you the best of the best in the world of AdWords agencies.

What You Need to Know About Google AdWords

Before you hire an agency, you need to understand some of the basics of Google AdWords. The whole point of hiring an agency is to focus on what you’re good at, but without a basic understanding of AdWords, you won’t be able to find the right agency for your business.

Hire an Agency Experienced in Your Industry

You may encounter dozens or hundreds of AdWords agencies as you search for the perfect match. Here’s a simple test to narrow that number: does a given agency have experience in your industry? If so, they’ll know norms and benchmarks like typical cost per click (CPC) and your niche’s return on investment (ROI).

You don’t need someone with direct experience in your precise area of focus; experience in a similar area works, too. For example, if you sell and install vinyl siding, an AdWords agency that’s worked with a roofing contractor would probably be a good match.

Before hiring an agency, check if they’re more experienced with sales as a service (SaaS), lead generation, mobile marketing, or ecommerce marketing agency i-commerce, or Instagram influencer marketing. Even if the agency is the best in the world at lead generation, you may need to look elsewhere if you need PPC management for an e-commerce business.

AdWords Certified and Google Partners

At a minimum, you want a firm that’s AdWords certified and part of the Google Partners program. That isn’t the only relevant criterion in selecting a provider; it’s a relatively low bar, so anyone who doesn’t have these credentials should be ruled out automatically.

Any AdWords-certified agency has passed certification exams and must maintain a minimum monthly AdWords expenditure of $10,000. If an agency has this certification, you can know they have some level of competence. Google Partners get inside tips from Google and beta-testing opportunities, which can provide your business with a competitive edge.

Hire a Multidisciplinary or Networked Agency

You must hire an agency with a multidisciplinary team or establish connections with other high-powered specialists for the best results. Pay-per-click (PPC) is a massive part of advertising for many businesses, but it’s not a standalone proposition.

If you hire a PPC specialist, you’ll also need to track conversions, design a landing page, probably engage in email marketing or e-commerce or web design too, and so on.

Hiring a multidisciplinary agency will save money through sheer efficiency instead of hiring multiple contractors. If you don’t, you’ll face some of the same downsides you would have faced going with the do-it-yourself approach: juggling vendors and trying to coordinate the AdWords project when you’d prefer to be managing other facets of your business.

Different Agencies Have Different Pricing Models

The PPC advertising industry has multiple pricing models determining how an agency gets its paid media for. Here are the most popular models:

  • Hourly
  • Percentage of ad spend
  • Performance-based
  • Milestone-based

Hourly is the most common pricing model and also the most straightforward. It’s easy to understand what you’re paying, and therefore the hourly pricing model is attractive to small businesses with low budgets interested in keeping PPC advertising costs manageable.

Percentage of ad spend is the second-most standard pricing model among AdWords agencies. With the rate of ad spend, you will typically pay the agency between 15-30% of your total PPC expenditure.

Percentage of ad spend is an excellent choice if you want to stick with a fixed budget and let the agency take care of the rest. If your business is large or plans to scale, you can get better deals with the percentage of ad spend.

Performance-based pricing is similar to a sales commission for the agency. They get paid based on a predetermined performance metric like impressions, clicks, conversions, or ad revenue.

The best part about performance-based pricing is that you know the agency will work hard to give you results. Some agencies combine performance-based pricing with a monthly base rate or minimum rate.

Milestone-based pricing is similar to performance-based pricing but based on agreed-upon medium- and long-term goals. Companies that offer milestone-based pricing typically require longer-term contracts and have a detailed approach to onboarding you and understanding your company’s needs.

Is There a Contract?

Some AdWords agencies require contracts, and others don’t. This decision is best left to your gut instinct and personal preference. If you own a small business and want to test the waters of AdWords advertising, you may be more comfortable with a month-to-month commitment. That way, the agency has to earn your repeat business each month.

Not all contracts are created equal. If you get involved with a contract-based agency, ensure the arrangement suits your needs. If you want to commit to PPC advertising, you may be attracted to performance-based or milestone-based pricing with a detailed long-term contract that benefits both parties.

Ad Rank = Quality Score x CPC Bid

“Pay per click” sounds simple and easy, but there is more to running an AdWords campaign than just paying for clicks or conversions! Google computes your ad rank from the CPC (cost per click) bid and Quality Score.

For AdWords, you want the highest possible ad ranking and the lowest possible cost per click bid (CPC bid). That means you need a high “Quality Score.” The Quality Score is Google’s hidden metric that considers your click-through rate per 1000 impressions or views, time spent on the page by customers, and more.

A good AdWords agency can help you with all this, meaning you can save money buying clicks if you hire a professional rather than do it yourself.

Don’t Neglect Organic SEO

According to Clutch’s 2018 Small Business survey, 45% of small businesses invest in pay-per-click advertising. Of those that do invest in PPC, 90% also use organic search engine optimization (SEO) strategies.

You will get a better return on investment (ROI) by spending your advertising money on PPC and SEO together and even coordinating your strategies (for example, applying lessons learned from PPC campaigns to your SEO approach).

PPC is an excellent choice for short-term returns and a wise way to direct your growing revenue to accelerate growth further. At the same time, organic SEO is an essential long-term marketing strategy used to become an online leader in your industry.

Track ROI

Any good AdWords agency will track all sorts of variables for you, like cumulative ad spends, quality score, conversions, impressions, and cost per click. But you must not neglect the most critical outcome: return on investment!

If you get a positive ROI, you can learn from your success to get even more revenue. If you aren’t getting a positive ROI, it’s essential to know so you can stop wasting money and fix the problems.

To track your ROI, you must record every cent you put into AdWords and PPC advertising, including costs other than ad spend. It would be best to use tools that allow you to see data like cumulative sales from advertising leads or e-commerce clicks or ensure that the agents you’re working with show you that data.

Some agencies will help you track ROI, but you must discuss this upfront.

Top FIVE Best Google AdWords Advertising Agencies

Here are our top five picks, narrowed down from thousands of listings and hundreds of user reviews.

#1 Voy Media

Founded in 2014, Voy Media is an industry leader in PPC advertising and Google AdWords. They are industry pioneers in A/B testing, scaling, geo-targeting, and other revenue-building tweaks that can improve your ROI. Disruptive is a full service digital agency known for working with businesses of all sizes, from nationally-known retailers to companies with relatively low monthly advertising budgets.

Ryan A. says he appreciates Voy Media’s proven systems and how everyone he’s worked with has been on the same page. Since he switched to Disruptive a few months ago, his sales are at record highs, and his overall costs – including the agency fee – have come down. He says he cringes when he sees the missed opportunity in not beginning work with Disruptive sooner.

Some clients reported that their account was repeatedly moved from one client manager to another as Voy Media was recently reorganizing, but Voy Media has since resolved this situation. They deserve their reputation as perfectionists.

#2 Ignite Visibility

Ignite Visibility is an online ad creative and marketing agency founded in San Diego, CA, in 2012. They specialize in pay-per-click, website design, and web development services, social media marketing, and viral marketing.

Ignite visibility used a strategy that combined PPC digital marketing, and content marketing and creation, social media, and organic SEO. One of Ignite Visibility’s clients, the Chief Marketing Officer for a boutique cosmetic company, says that the agency helped the company meet its goal of sales conversions. The client was pleased with the high-quality reports that Ignite generated throughout the campaign.

Ignite’s main selling points are its versatility, excellent communication, and reporting.

#3 AdVenture Media

Adventure media belongs to a small and exclusive group of Premier Google Partner agencies. They were awarded that credential because they have produced outstanding results for their clients. Adventure is 90% PPC-focused, and as one of New York city’s fastest-growing PPC ad agencies, they currently manage over $50 million in advertising budgets.

The director of marketing for a medical oxygen group reports that under the management of AdVenture, the company’s ad spend has decreased while the number of leads has stayed constant. He says their clear communication, quality deliverables, and excellent results justify the investment.

AdVenture’s online marketing educational content has reached over 900,000 students and is worth checking out if you want to learn more about digital marketing space and advertising.

#4 Loud Mouth Media

Loud Mouth Media is a top-ranked pay-per-click digital marketing agency here in the UK and a Premier Google Partner agency. They have offices in Belfast, Dublin, and Glasgow. The agency provides a fully-managed digital marketing service 70% focused on PPC. They earned awards for “Best Small PPC Agency in the UK” for two years at the 2017 and 2018 UK Search Awards.

An online clothing store manager who approached Loud Mouth with a limited budget says the business and website traffic is growing. She says Loud Mouth Media went above and beyond to accomplish all business goals, and is a reliable partner.

Loud Mouth is a good choice for an all-in-one solution if you want to combine your PPC strategy and organic SEO, as I recommended earlier.

#5 CPC Strategy

The appropriately-named CPC Strategy agency is 100% focused on providing pay-per-click marketing services. In particular, they focus on e-commerce and PPC for various retail channels.

The owner of a retailer specializing in cooling products says that CPC Strategy has increased the number of customers and revenue per customer and is an excellent deal.

They excel in responsiveness and are always available, answering his essential questions immediately. He appreciates their transparency of operations and extensive experience.

CPC Strategy is our top pick for a Google AdWords agency if you run an e-commerce business and check if they can also do Amazon advertising.

Wrapping Up

Whether you’re an entrepreneur running a brand-new startup or the CEO of a high-revenue established company, you can benefit from hiring the right AdWords agency to handle PPC advertising for you.

Look for a multidisciplinary agency with specific experience in your niche. Consider what pricing model best suits you and whether or not you’d like to enter into a contract. Be sure to track your return on investment so you can be confident your dollars are being put to work properly.

If you haven’t settled on an AdWords agency, check out our top pick, Disruptive Marketing. They have the perfect blend of experience, innovation, reliability, and scalability to work well for almost any size or type of online business.

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Let me start with this: I understand your reason for coming here. It’ll have to be named as such. You have google ads account want to generate more revenue leverage google ads through your paid search campaign? I thought it was fun. Google’s revenue rose to $61 billion from $64 billion in its first quarter last year. Businesses are putting extra focus on Google ads today. This article focuses upon the top eight Digital & Digital Advertising agencies in order to optimize your PPC campaigns with optimal results. We will begin with this chart.

Looking for a Top Google Ads PPC Management Company?

Choosing a good Google ad agency is hard. Our search algorithm has curated the best Google advertising agencies list so you can find your perfect company. Find company profiles, past customers, and important projects for a quick start on your best google ad campaigns and ads agencies search. The company in Utah has over 500 marketing staff members that have conducted more than 2500 marketing ad campaigns. Disruptive Ads specializes in traffic conversion analytics and traffic analytics to improve customer performance. Project Disruptive advertising provides paid advertising for leadership development organizations.

Top 5 Google Ads Agencies in 2023

Providing full-service advertising and digital marketing services only. Top 3 customers: Prices. $1.80/$$ Single grains Digital Agency provides full-service advertising services for Google & Facebook. Its mission aims to increase the CTR of your site. A qualified and certified Google premier partner only, Single Grain, established an established position as a top – in the industry – able to stay away from cookie-cutter and one-size-fits-all marketing strategies used by others. This company is well known to create a high quality search engine optimization program to convert your site traffic to profits while preserving good ROI.

When To Hire A Google Ads Agency?

Trying to work together with your marketing agency to design and create an online advertising campaign can be stressful at times. While all Google users can view ad campaigns on their website using Google Adwords, they have to spend enormous amounts on it. A Google ad campaign should have a carefully designed, measurable and effective campaign plan and execution. Adwords employs professionals to guide and support clients through this step.

Metric PPC

Specialized: Datadriven marketing, tracking, analytics. Top three customers. The price is $$. When a company advertises on Google ads, each penny counts, therefore the money needs to be spent in order to see how its results are. Metric PPCs shine here. The company has created a unique niche with its tech-oriented approach and has created a database based agency to provide data to the clients that gives the client measurable results.

Why invest in Google Ads?

HawkSEMs Director Marketing Operations Jenny Palmer said that to the perfect extent, “I think your competitors already do that.” If your competitors aren’t investing in your Google advertising campaign, they can take your shares. Another point is noted by Palmer: Omnichannel strategy paid search marketing must be a key component of your digital marketing strategy. The Google data shows that over one billion searches occur daily with 76% of global searches being conducted using Google.

How To Select The Best Google Ads Agency

While traditional SEO gets little attention, Google ads campaigns can help to increase the rankings in SERPs for your site. In other words, Google ads increase your conversion rate over organic searches for your site. Google AdWords Agency offers several advantages including: choosing the right AdWords agency to provide the mentioned ad results is tricky. Finding an excellent quality product can sometimes be difficult when looking for Google Partner Certification.

What to Look for When Hiring an AdWords Agency

So you have thought about hiring the right advertising agency and are confident than ever in the process. What are some key factors to consider in selecting the best PPC company?

How AdWords Agencies Work

A good PPC advertising Agency should start with gaining a basic knowledge of your business and your goals. They can develop a successful SEO strategy to target ads to a targeted target audience. Finally, the company can bid for ad placement and ensure all the ads are tailored to meet your desired goals while minimizing your ads budget.

How do I choose the best Google ad agency?

For choosing an excellent Google advertising agency, take into account the qualities of a reliable Google Ads Agency.

Enjoy Better Integration with the Rest of Your Digital Marketing Efforts

Lastly it is important to mention that many AdWords companies have specialized experts in many other aspects of the digital marketing industry like SEO google analytics. Using the same service provider to manage both PPC and SEO will result in a more efficient strategy and the results will have maximum impact. Deepen your own Google ads strategies and search engine results with these Google ads Trends for 2019 / 2023.

How much do Google Ads agencies charge for services?

Google ads typically charge flat or percentage fees of the ads they advertise, performance fees or hour rates. At HawkEM our typical flat fee is between $250 and $10k per month. The cost of advertising varies by agency as well as according to budget.

Take Advantage of PPC Expertise

Many AdWords firms have their own Adwords company. Not only are they able to learn how e-commerce is run but have extensive experience working on many campaigns for different brands and industries this means he really knows what works and what doesn t. This will help your company identify keywords that can generate profits. Their ability to bid on Google ads is most important to them. Do you know any PPC tools for a competitive market?

What are the advantages of hiring a Google Ads agency?

Lets see why you should hire an agency for PPC marketing.

Agencies know which keywords are worth bidding on

Keyword research is integral to all your Google search ads and Ad campaigns. A successful SEO Agency should instead use Google search results reports to identify which keywords generate the most traffic and convert more. An agency can then analyze these keywords for maximum click-through conversion rate optimization and A/B tests to assess the interaction between the keyword and its audience will be conducted. They can also restructure your SEO strategy to ensure your search results come to your attention.

Recently we talked about a software company which manages Google’s advertising services, and also offers services for various advertising campaigns and promotions. While there’s certainly nothing wrong in theory, it’s only an excellent option when a business is offering multiple services to its clients.

Clear Understanding of Your Industry and Business

Marketing professionals know that while a campaign may have worked especially well for an earlier B2B client that digital strategy may have produced less than optimal results for your new B2B business venture. They also understand how something worked within an industry can not be applied in a different business environment so can personalize their solutions according to your needs. Some agencies are also able to specialize with clients in the specific industries they serve, including IT, SaaS, ecommerce, hospitality and many more.