Beat the Deadline with Transfer: A Smarter Way to Send Large Files


Facing a tight deadline and your emails just won’t send? It might be due to a server issue, oversized attachments, or a full inbox. When time is short and traditional email solutions fall short—reaching out to IT isn’t fast enough, and using personal email lacks professionalism and can lead to GDPR issues—you need a reliable alternative.

Enter Transfer, a free file transfer service that allows you to bypass email problems entirely. Whether it’s the frustration of emails stuck in the outbox, bounce-backs from overwhelmed servers, or recipient inboxes that are too full, Transfer provides a straightforward way to ensure your files reach their destination. With Transfer, you can send your important files directly through a secure web platform, avoiding the common pitfalls of email communication and keeping your projects on track.

Here’s a solution!

Transfer from Creative Fabrica gives you a secure way to send messages and transfer data without using your email server. Instead, your data is uploaded via the web to Creative Fabrica’s servers instead. This means, that not only is your outbox/sent items not full, but also avoids filling the inbox of your recipient. Think of it as a polite courtesy to your intended recipient; especially if they frequently get large attachments.

If your attachment size is an issue, you can use Transfer to send attachments up to 2GB for free. To give you a sense of scale, this is equivalent to 1000 emails (without attachments), 6 hours of high-quality music (or 550 tracks), 2 standard-definition movies, or 500 high-quality photos. It’s a great option when compressing or zipping files isn’t an option that is suitable for one or both ends.

If you need more space, you can send large files up to a massive 1TB by upgrading to All Access. This is a great option if you regularly send very large files to multiple senders; only you need to be signed up, unlike some other file transfer routes. It is also cheaper than the majority of similar services. Examples would be transferring raw video footage and photography for editing, publications for printing where you need to provide the artwork as well as the linked files, or bulk professional photo editing.

How to send

  1. Opening the web browser on your computer, go to
  2. Add your attachments. The 2GB limit is counted across all of your attachments rather than the individual files.
  3. Add your personal email address to the sender box if your normal email is unable to receive incoming messages. This is important as you will need the authorization code to complete the transfer. Otherwise, you can use your professional email instead.
  4. Add your recipient’s email into the recipient box.
  5. Add a subject and your message content as normal, you could also include a cover letter/message in your attachments.
  6. You will then be emailed the code, this is a security feature for sending the files in your name. Copy the code into the Transfer window. The transfer will then be processed.
  7. An email with the link will arrive to your recipient from Creative Fabrica Studio rather than from your personal email.

Your recipient follows the link in the email and then downloads the file(s). This means they can then put those files where they need to for their system rather than have a shared folder. Once they’ve worked on the files, they can then send you an approval back through email, edit the files, and return through Transfer or use Transfer to forward the files onwards to a third party.

Congratulations on meeting your deadline

You can use Transfer in the same way as your email service: for approvals, collaborative working, and final delivery. Treat it in the same way as email or cloud-based sharing – it is another option for communicating files.

By transferring files in this way, we control data storage and the way that files duplicate across storage. It also means that we can keep our original copies safe from accidental (or deliberate) editing or overwriting. Think of it the same as providing the receiver with a photocopy: they can edit it, mark it up, and even get approval from others without risking damage to your original data.

Transfer forms part of a wider service delivery from Creative Fabrica known as Studio. Studio features image and vector editing as well as basic page layout features. This can be useful if you have some editing or marking up to do as part of your transfer.

Not just for business

Crafters get full inboxes too! Any visual industry tends to be working with large files, but an image is the same size whether it’s for business or personal use. If your hobby relies on these types of files, a transfer service is essential for creating with a team, or even between computers if you don’t use a home network. You don’t even have to be transferring between two addresses, making it useful for sending to a linked computer for specialist equipment such as cutters, plotters, and specialist printers. You can even use Transfer from tablets and smartphones – basically if it has web access, you can use Transfer.

Whether it is sending personal greetings, family updates or even invitations, digital delivery has really taken over thanks to the high postage costs. You might even be sending a private video of a loved one or event you don’t want to put on social media. Transfer gives us a way to communicate in so many ways: visually, audibly and interactively with friends and family as well as colleagues.

So when email fails you, you can rely on Transfer to get it done.