Make Your Presentations Attractive With a Text-to-Image Tool in an Online Photo Editor


Imagine you as a teacher who has to make a presentation for each lecture to get the students involved in learning. If you only add text in black in your PPT slides, will children bother to listen to you? To make your presentation attractive and engaging, you need to add colors, effects, transitions, and pictures to it. Talking about the picture, it will be excellent if you add the relevant photos. However, all the time we did not get royalty-free relevant pictures. An online photo editor understands the needs of a teacher and students and hence brings a text-to-image tool. In this article, we will discuss what a text-to-image does to make your presentation slides attractive and engaging. 

Bring Life to Your Written Text and Express Yourself 

CapCut Creative Suite brings an online photo editor that provides a magic tool named text-to-image tool. This tool helps teachers and content creators to convert their words into compelling photos. Teachers can use this tool to generate science photos, a scenario, to make a story for kids, etc. Besides, businesses can take full advantage of text-to-image tools to promote their product, and services, announce big sales or season sales, make logos, brand promotions, and more. 

No Expertise Needed with CapCut Online Photo Editor

Talking about the versatility of this tool, an online photo editor like CapCut provides an equal opportunity to both professionals and newcomers. For teachers, it is not necessary or advisable to learn complex editing tools, but they can make their lessons creative by using the CopCut online photo editor. By creating your account on the CapCut creative suite that does not require a lengthy procedure, you can apply this tool and convert any text into visually attractive photos. Besides, you can give certain colors to your images, add filters, change the background, add a transparent background, etc. 

Text-to-Image Made Customization Easy

To introduce creativity in your presentations as a student and as a teacher, you need multiple photos to incorporate in your slides. With the help of a text-to-image magic tool in an online photo editor, you can generate multiple pictures to infinity. You can generate a picture for each scene or scenario without any hassle or expertise. In the prompt section of the text-to-image magic tool, you can describe the image. After getting the perfect picture for your slide, you can add text to it. In the text section, an online photo editor provides text colors, font styles, and sizes to choose from. You can choose the text color, and font style, and adjust the size according to your audience. For example, for kids, the text should be colorful and the font should be big. An online photo editor made the transformation and customization very easy for everyone. 

Text-to-Image Tool Accessibility for All

People always want to make a safe choice when it comes to using tools online. The number one benefit of using an online photo editor is that it is free to use and has a user-friendly interface. You can use the online photo editor anywhere in the world if you have an active internet connection and a laptop. There is no need to download the editor on some particular device because it is an online editing solution that does not require installation. 

A Quick Guide to Start Creating Visually Appealing Photos with an Online Photo Editor

Read this quick guide to create visually appealing photos with an online photo editor but sign up first.

  • STEP 01: Signup

If you want to create your account on CapCut, you need an active email address. On the CapCut website, click on the blue sign-up button and connect it with your Gmail ID. 

  • STEP 02: Upload

Upload or import pictures or videos from your computer to edit. You can transfer files from Google Drive or AirDrop as well.

  • STEP 03: Transform

Coming towards transformation, the CapCut provides a quick solution. You will find a lot of tools in an online photo editor like image resolution enhancer, color matching, adding text to image, old photo restoration, image upscaling, AI portrait generator, photo colorizer, image style transfer, low-light image enhancement, etc.

  • STEP 04: Download

Go to the export button and click on it to download. Choose the file format or resolution at this step for a better experience. Afterward, click on the download button and the file will be saved to the computer. 


When it comes to telling a story to children or about your brand, images work as bridges to your words. With the help of a text-to-image tool, you can enhance creativity by adding visuals to what you are delivering. You do not need any special techniques or skills to learn to operate the tools in an online photo editor. Text-to-image tool empowers YouTubers, businesses, and digital creators to present the perfect visuals in their posts.