How SocialWick is Helping StartUps and Rising Influencers with Special Promotions in March


Since its inception in 2017, SocialWick has helped numerous businesses, startups, influencers, and individuals reach their social media goals with its affordable and high ROI (return on investment) services. Throughout the past few years, the platform expanded and now includes more than fifteen social media websites and applications to cover the diverse needs of companies and social personas. 

Promotions and discounts are not new to SocialWick users. The company has provided numerous offers to its customers throughout 7 years. In March of 2024, SocialWick plans to launch a new promotional campaign that allows its clients to use all services for a 10% or 20% discounted price. In this article, we analyze how SocialWick’s promotions affect startups and influencers and how they can benefit from the March offers from SocialWick. 

Who can get 10% and 20% voucher codes at SocialWick?

The discount promotions are active worldwide and can be redeemed by users who already exist on SocialWick or are just registering. If you do not have an account with SocialWick, you can sign up and join the March promotion immediately. 

There are few 10% discount codes for SocialWick:

4Z9GJT – 10% – Expiration: 01/08/2024

KJVQCM – 10% – Expiration: 01/08/2024

PKRYTH – 10% – Expiration: 01/08/2024

R1ONK2 – 10% – Expiration: 01/08/2024


All services available on SocialWick’s website participate in the promotion including TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and 10 other platform services. You can activate the voucher codes at the checkout of any selected service. However, two coupons have separate eligibility criteria:

  • 10% discount codes are available on monthly purchases. You can choose any monthly package available on the SocialWick website and get 10% off immediately. Make sure you insert the following code at the check-out: [10% discount code]
  • 20% discount codes are available on annual purchases. If you intend to choose a yearly package on SocialWick you get a 20% discounted price across all platform services. Type in the following code at the check-out: [20% discount code]

How to benefit from SocialWick promotions?

SocialWick client base is very diverse. It ranges from businesses and well-established brands to startups and influencers. Many individuals simply want to increase their social media reach and use SocialWick for these purposes. However, March promotions can be especially beneficial for two groups: influencers and startups. 

SocialWick for StartUps

Startups have very demanding growth strategies. They aim at rapid development and substantial growth and often have very limited marketing and social media budgets. That is why, SocialWick is specifically targeting the startup market with the March promotion. The numerous services at the platform offer affordable, yet growth-oriented packages for businesses just beginning to grow. 


The best service packages for small businesses and upcoming brands are:


  • Instagram growth services (likes, followers, comments, views, IGTV content interactions)
  • TikTok growth services (likes, views, followers)
  • YouTube content services (likes, subscribers, views, comments)
  • Facebook (event attendees, shares, live stream interactions, followers)
  • Pinterest (board followers, pins, re-pins, likes)
  • Twitter (votes, likes, retweets, follows)

SocialWick for Influencers

Influencers who are just getting started or want to increase their follower reach/engagement rates can benefit from SocialWick’s March promotions in more than one way:


  1. Use SocialWick to precisely target your desired audience (define demographics, interests, and locations)
  2. Boost your follower count with SocialWick by attracting genuine followers interested in your content
  3. Increase your posts’ visibility by using SocialWick for increased likes, saves, and other types of engagement to improve your algorithmic ranking
  4. Diversify your online presence by using SocialWick across various platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter
  5. Use SocialWick’s exclusive discounts to optimize your budget and allocate funds strategically with 10% discounts on monthly services or 20% discounts on annual plans
  6. Provide social proof for brand collaborations and showcase your authenticity through real followers, likes, and views gained with SocialWick

How SocialWIck growth services work?

SocialWick is a rare solution to social media growth hacking. While many growth hacking agencies focus on creating fake profiles and generating fake engagement, SocialWick knows the secret to genuine interactions and attracting organic traffic. There are a few things that distinguish SocialWick from its competitors:

Tailored Growth Packages

SocialWick offers personalized growth packages designed to align with diverse business needs and goals. Whether it’s boosting followers, likes, or engagement, users can choose packages that suit their budget, strategy, and resources. This tailored approach ensures a customized strategy for optimal results. 

Real Engagement Strategies

Differentiating itself from artificial engagement, SocialWick prioritizes real interactions. The company never uses bots, automated account creation, or fake user profiles. Through strategic algorithms and user targeting, the platform connects users with genuine followers truly interested in their content. This commitment to authenticity lays the foundation for sustained growth. 

Precision Audience Targeting

With advanced analytics, SocialWick employs precision targeting to reach the most relevant audience. Platform clients can define the demographics, interests, and locations of their target audience to ensure that their content resonates with users who align with their niche. This focused targeting maximizes the impact of growth efforts. 


Algorithm-friendly Optimization

Each social media platform comes with its unique algorithm which is an integral part of SocialWick’s strategy. The growth services are optimized to work along with each platform’s unique algorithmic preferences. This ensures that users’ content gains visibility and traction in line with the latest algorithmic updates. 


Safety and Ethical Practices

SocialWick has a top priority of user privacy and adhering to ethical practices. The platform employs secure protocols to protect user information. It never asks for your account passwords or login information. Users can confidently engage with SocialWick’s growth services, knowing that their privacy is guaranteed. 


Transparent Insights and Analytics

Providing users with transparent insights, SocialWick offers analytics to track the progress of their growth efforts. Users can monitor the impact of increased followers, likes, and other engagement metrics. These analytics allow users to make informed decisions for ongoing social media marketing strategy refinement.