How To Prove Fault in A Dog Bite Case?


How To Prove Fault in A Dog Bite Case?


Nevada law states that the owner or “pet parent” of the dog becomes liable for the victim’s injuries if it bites someone. Like in any other personal injury case, it becomes crucial to establish the elements of negligence and gather evidence. If a dog attacked you or your child, get legal assistance to obtain your compensation. 


Who is liable when a dog bites someone?


The owner of the dog is held accountable. It may include dogs who have never bitten anyone or do not have an aggression history or dogs that are simply playing around. In these cases, the one-bite rule applies. This means that the owner will be held liable and will need to compensate the victim for the damages done by his dog, regardless of the dog’s aggressive history. 


The owner has to make sure their dogs are trained properly and are responsible for their dog’s actions. They must also ensure that the dog does not pose any threat to society. Bite injuries are dangerous no matter how the person was bitten.


Negligence of the dog owner.


The dog owner must ensure the safety of people. If you fail to exercise reasonable care, and your dog bites someone, you can be held liable, and it would become a case of negligence. 


Negligence of the dog owner may include the following:


  • Failing to confine the dog to your own property safely. You should not allow your dog to roam freely in a society where they would encounter new people and cause injury.
  • Failing to train and control the dog properly. As an owner, you must take responsibility and safety measures to avoid your dog’s aggressive behavior.
  • Falling to post clear warning signs. If you know your dog can cause havoc, you must post warning signs around your property for passersby and visitors.
  • Failing to stick to local dangerous dog laws. The state laws have established jurisdictions regarding keeping a dog with aggressive behavior or bite history. If you want to avoid a negligence claim, you must follow the rules and regulations carefully.


Tips to prove fault in a dog bite case.


  • Gather as much evidence as you can. It may include taking pictures, talking to witnesses, and keeping medical treatment records of the accident.
  • After gathering evidence, identify the owner of the dog. It may cause you to do a little research.
  • Prove that the owner was negligent. You may need to prove that regardless of knowing their dog’s aggressive nature, they did not take any precautions to avoid the mishappening. 


Do not delay to seek help. Hire an experienced dog bite attorney today to fight for your rights!