How to Use a Free VPN to Boost Your Digital Marketing


The digital marketing market is growing steadily and poses new challenges for specialists. Globalization has changed approaches to marketing, and today it is often the case that you have to advertise products and services in other countries that you have never even been to. To address these new challenges, online marketers are constantly looking for tools to increase their efficiency. One of these tools can be a free VPN. Whether you’re promoting a personal brand, a YouTube channel, or working for a large corporation, you can use a VPN in your digital marketing. Let’s discover more about this technology.

What is a free VPN?

A VPN or virtual private network is an online security technology. It was created in the 90s of the last century and actively developed with the evolution of Internet technologies. This led to the emergence of a free VPN. A free VPN performs essential functions for secure data transfer but has no additional features, such as ad blocking. This technology allows the average user to securely exchange data online and preserve privacy without incurring additional costs.

VPN works as follows:

– You install the VPN on your gadgets and connect to one of the offered remote servers.

– The VPN creates a secure channel for data transmission using tunneling protocols and encrypts all incoming and outgoing information. This way, you can safely surf the Internet even in unprotected Wi-Fi networks.

– your traffic is redirected through a remote VPN server. Therefore, third parties cannot see the IP address of the VPN user, but only the IP address of the VPN server.

Digital marketers can benefit from the security features of a VPN, especially from the ability to connect to different VPN servers. 

How to use a free VPN to boost your digital marketing?

Use a free VPN to work securely from anywhere.

The ability to work remotely is an undeniable advantage of the digital marketing profession. It allows you to achieve a better work-life balance. However, you shouldn’t forget about data security when working remotely.

A digital marketer usually has access to confidential business information. To protect this data, you need to use a VPN on your work gadgets whenever you are online, especially when using public Wi-Fi networks. This way you will be protected from potential cyberattacks and online monitoring by hackers.

In addition, the VPN allows you to work from anywhere in the world while maintaining access to all platforms and tools as if you had never left home. To do this, you should choose a VPN that has a server in your home country. To work remotely safely from anywhere, you need to :

– Download the VPN to all the gadgets you use for work, such as Android VPN, free VPN for iOS, and Windows app.

– get into the habit of connecting to the VPN every time you are online.

– choose a VPN server located in your home country.

After that, your data will be encrypted, the IP address will be replaced with the IP address of the server located in your country. This way, any third parties, such as work applications and streaming services, will determine your location based on the location of the VPN server. So you can simulate that you are in the United States even if you are on a beach in Spain.

Use a free VPN to watch your competitors anonymously.

Monitoring competitors and analyzing their actions is an integral part of a digital marketer’s job. Often, businesses do whatever they can to prevent such monitoring. They even block the IP addresses of employees of competing businesses so that they do not have access to the company’s Internet resources. A free VPN allows you to browse the Internet anonymously, including competitors’ websites. So, connect to a VPN to hide your IP address and keep an eye on your competitors without restrictions.

Use a free VPN to obtain more organic search results.

If you are involved in digital marketing, you probably understand that any search engine optimizes search results for each user. This means that by entering the same query into the Google search bar, two different users are likely to get different results. The search results are influenced by the user’s location and previous online behavior.

Search engines, like most other online programs, use the user’s IP address as the primary identifier on the network. All available information about the user is linked to the IP address, such as the user’s location, the type of device, what websites they have previously visited, and how they interacted with advertising content. 

It is important for a marketer to have a chance to get organic search results, especially if working with a SEO. To do this, you need:

– clear cache and cookies;

– use anonymous mode in the browser;

– use a VPN.

Use a free VPN to run local SEO campaigns and promote your businesses across worldwide markets.

You may pretend to be a local user in any location where the VPN has a server by connecting to various VPN servers. After that, you may access the internet as a local using a translator. This will help you find the search keywords used in the chosen location and find new promotion options, such as local directories and forums.

VPNs are also a great tool for accessing geo-blocked content. Imagine a situation where you are based in the United States, but you are promoting an online product to the Western European market. You are looking for websites to advertise on, but some of them are blocked for you as a user from another country. In this case, you need to

– connect to the VPN on your device;

– choose a server located in the country whose website you want to access;

– clear the cache and disable the geolocation service on your device.

After that, go to the site as usual, and geo-blocking will not work for you.

Using this approach, you can also gain access to local social networks and build connections with local influencers.

Analyze your competitors’ pricing strategies and save your budget with a free VPN.

Prices for many online services differ for users from different countries. A good example of this is a Netflix subscription, which costs differently even in countries with a similar content library. It is possible that your competitors also set different prices in each market. With a VPN, you can investigate their pricing by connecting to different VPN servers. 

You can also save your budget on purchasing work programs and subscriptions. To do this:

– choose the app you need and check out the prices;

– connect to the VPN and choose a server located in a country with a lower average income;

– access the website through an anonymous browser window and double-check the price.

In many cases, you will find a better price offer.

Using this method, you can save not only on digital products without compromising on the quality of service but also on travel. If you work remotely or frequently travel for business trips and professional events, you can save money on car rental, airfare, and hotels with a VPN.

There are many ways to use VPNs in digital marketing. You can find the best way to use it for your needs, given that it’s a free tool. Test several free VPN services, find ways to use this technology in your work, and choose the best one.