Going Solo

But not alone.

Marketing tools to help solos out-market their big-firm foes.

Running a solo practice is hard...
You need a way to multiply your efforts.

You know marketing is important, but there are only so many hour in the day and infinite possibilities of things to work on. We help you cut through the cruft by helping you do exactly what you need to do, and automate the rest.

It's not just a great website, it's about putting systems in place so that you can attract new business while spending more precious hours billing for actual work.

Our mission is to help eliminate the shadyness associated with law firm marketing, and give you practical advice and simple tools to grow your firm on your terms, without feeling like you're getting screwed.

What is AmazeLaw?

Powerful Modern Websites for Solo Practices

Books on a shelf? Scales of Justice? Please. We help you create a unique and uniquely awesome site for your firm. You want your site to ooze professionalism.

This isn't some nephew or cousin building out a basic Wordpress site. This is taking years of dedicated knoweledge in how to market law firms and applying it directly to your business and continuing to do so as the landscape changes.

Built in Blogging

Blogging isn't new, it isn't revolutionary. It isn't even that hard. But it's just hard enough that it's near impossible for most firm's to do it consistently.

Our blogging system is designed to take all of the friction out of the process so that everyone in the firm is comfortable contributing. Blogging is like an investment, and its power compounds as long as you can remain consistent. We make it easy.

What makes AmazeLaw special?

It's not just about websites (though we do that better than most.)

It's about the tools that allow you to multiply your efforts, spend less time on marketing, and more time billing clients.

Multiply Your Social Media

Don't have time to be constantly tweeting, or logging into a Facebook page? Of course you don't, you're trying to build a business. We help you multiply your social media efforts so that you can set it and forget it.

Showcase Your Successes with Testimonials and Reviews

It's called social proof. And the modern web is making it a precursor to doing business locally. We help you collect, moderate, display, and disseminate your happy clients' experiences so that you can find more of the clients you love.

We LOVE our customers

...We don't treat them like cattle...

You know how slimy legal tech vendors can be. Constant sales calls, ungodly expensive, long-term lock-you-in and under-deliver products. "Customer support" that disappears the second you sign the contract. It's predatory. It's disgusting. And it's time for it to stop.

Here's our promise to you:

No Long Term Contracts

No one likes feeling locked in. We don't like it when vendors do it to us, so we won't do it to you. We'll earn your business every month and if we don't you're free to find someone who will. But we really hope you won't have to!

No Crazy Setup Fees

Some have told us we're crazy for not charging a setup fee. "What if they leave after one month?" they say. Well, I guess that gives us extra extra incentive to make sure you're thrilled :-)

No Lock-in

We go out of the way to make sure all of the technology your business relies on, like your domain name, your DNS, etc all stays in your control. You'll never have to worry about being held hostage to keep your domain.

You Own Your Content

You spend lots of time and energy building your brand and your library of blog posts that attract great clients. You'll always have that content ready to export if you ever need it.

And that leads us to our famous...

60-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

We're so confident that we can provide you and your firm with a marketing solution you'll love, that we're willing to back it up. If you're not happy, for any reason at all, within your first 60 days, we'll refund you in full, no questions asked.

And our customers love us back...

AmazeLaw allows me to focus on growing my practice in a sustainable way.

—Ron Abramson, Principal, IMMIGRATION+ Solutions

Fantastic! A lot easier than I expected. I get compliments and continue to get compliments.

—Patrick Zimmerman, Principal, Zimmerman Law Firm, PLLC

Want to join these successful solos in being able to punch above your small-firm weight class?

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