Best Law Firm Websites

After searching the internet and running some tests, we’ve found the best law firm websites currently online. We used many variables to test the performance, appearance, and other technical aspects of each website (read those after the list).

We came across many great websites, however the ones selective on the list are the 10 best law firm websites you should review for yourself.

Law Firm:                   Meriwether & Tharp LLC
Location:                     Atlanta, USA
Practice:                      Divorce Law
Site Speed:                  93 / 100 [Desktop] — 92 / 100 [Mobile] Page Load Time:      1.892 seconds
Mobile Friendly:      Page is mobile-friendly
SSL Certified:            Yes

Through all our testing, we found Mt Law Office to be number one. They scored in the green for both mobile and desktop and when we navigated their site, we were happy to enjoy a well organized and structured content menu. Information is easy to find and this website uses simple terms relating perfectly to their area of practice. They are also use sympathetic yet powerful words to connect with their visitors: Divorce Hurts… but it doesn’t have to be nasty. This website contains many techniques to connect with prospective clients — you must check it out.

#2 Law Firm:                   Moretti Law, P.C.
Location:                          Chicago, USA
Practice:                           Defense Attorney
Site Speed:                      88 / 100 [Desktop] — 96 / 100 [Mobile] Page Load Time:            2.502 seconds
Mobile Friendly:            Page is mobile-friendly
SSL Certified:                   No

Here’s a website that is determined to convert new visitors into their next clients. Moretti Law’s website display their awards and recognitions the moment you land on their page and use a friendly Can we help you? Yes or No pop up to guide each visitor toward immediate contact or continued browsing. If this website had an SSL Certificate, we would have ranked them #1.

#3 Law Firm:                TKK Law
Location:                      Chicago, USA
Practice:                       Personal Injury Law
Site Speed:                   85 / 100 [Desktop] — 88 / 100 [Mobile] Page Load Time:         2.164 Seconds
Mobile Friendly:          Page is mobile-friendly
SSL Certified:                No

Here’s an optimized site that’s great in the search engines and attractive for the visitors. TKK law puts their lawyers on the front page to establish trust with prospective clients seeking assistance with their injuries. When you hover over each of their bodies, it links to individual profile pages. As well, Located on the left hand side is a prominent LIVE CHAT that allows you to ask any questions while you browse around their pages.

#4 Law Firm:                Ansbacher Law
Location:                      Florida USA
Practice:                       Real Estate Law
Site Speed:                   92 / 100 [Desktop] — 76 / 100 [Mobile] Page Load Time:         1.653 Seconds
Mobile Friendly:          Page is mobile-friendly
SSL Certified:                Yes

Ansbacher law some catchy headlines to grab your attention and make an impression. The color contrast also makes has a visual effect making this website one of the top contenders on this list. They distinctly separate their services for individuals, businesses, and homeowners which makes navigation simple and straightforward. Then, they make it clear where their locations are — they have four in florida. This site certainly focuses on convenience for their prospective clients.

#5 Law Firm:                Robbins Firm
Location:                      Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Practice:                       Litigation & Regulatory Law
Site Speed:                   89 / 100 [Desktop] — 69 / 100 [Mobile] Page Load Time:         1.507 Seconds
Mobile Friendly:          Page is mobile-friendly
SSL Certified:                No

Robbins Firm has an intuitive website design with a few clever graphics. They showcase how they stand apart from other law firms and explain in detail what it’s like to work with them. One thing we think could be improved upon is there contact information, making it more distinguishable, their long list of Raves reveals they have plenty of clients coming  in. 

#6 Law Firm:                Chicago Injury Lawyers
Location:                      Chicago, USA
Practice:                       Injury Lawyers
Site Speed:                   83 / 100 [Desktop] — 59 / 100 [Mobile] Page Load Time:         1.636 Seconds
Mobile Friendly:          Page is mobile-friendly
SSL Certified:               Yes

The Chicago Injury Lawyer website uses some bold phrases to catch your attention: “Losing is not an option;” “Let’s win!” “Pay nothing until we win!” What we found most impressive about this website was the responsiveness which looked great on desktop, tablet, and mobile. Also, the white background using a bold red text for the contact number makes it pops off the page. Why wouldn’t you get their free consultation?

#7 Law Firm:                Taylor JanisLLP Workplace Law
Location:                      Alberta, Canada
Practice:                       Employment & Labour Law
Site Speed:                   92 / 100 [Desktop] — 79 / 100 [Mobile] Page Load Time:         0.272 Seconds
Mobile Friendly:          Page is mobile-friendly
SSL Certified:               No

We think the the Quick Start section on the front page using a green button on a light black and white background quickly draws your eye to their contact information. Overall, this simple site is well design, contains resourceful information for their visitors and uses an easy-to-read interface. Simplicity is always the best way to go online.

#8 Law Firm:                Axiom Law
Location:                      USA
Practice:                       Business Law
Site Speed:                   81 / 100 [Desktop] — 69 / 100 [Mobile] Page Load Time:         20.43 Seconds
Mobile Friendly:          Page is mobile-friendly
SSL Certified:               Yes

This website is unique and the service is innovative. They are a team of law providers and their website uses a signup system to provide subscribers access with a variety of lawyers to choose from. One thing we really liked about this website is the orange logo and contact button on the white background in their menu section, this really caught our eyes!

#9 Law Firm:                Parris Law Firm
Location:                      California, USA
Practice:                       Personal Injury Law
Site Speed:                   62 / 100 [Desktop] — 50 / 100 [Mobile] Page Load Time:         4.137 Seconds
Mobile Friendly:          Page is mobile-friendly
SSL Certified:               Yes

This website’s Google insight results may be low but their quality design is incredibly high. Parris Law Firm’s website uses some crisp photo images of the lawyers at the firm and they use confident language to build trust with new visitors. We really think this website optimizes their focus on getting in contact the firm because they use a sticky “Live Chat” box in the bottom right corner along with a various other contact methods found on every page.

#10 Law Firm:             Arnold & Itkin LLP Trial Lawyers
Location:                      Chicago, USA
Practice:                       Injury Trial Lawyers
Site Speed:                   47 / 100 [Desktop] — 56 / 100 [Mobile] Page Load Time:         2.989 Seconds
Mobile Friendly:          Page is mobile-friendly
SSL Certified:               Yes

This website didn’t quite make the cut when it comes to site optimization and performance but we were blown away by the visual and content elements. Their website makes it crystal clear what they are going to do for you: achieve victory. That blue design is extremely appealing and keeps your eyes scanning and searching on their website until you find what you need. A key feature on the desktop website is a side tab allowing you to sign up for a free case evaluation. Finally, their mobile view makes contacting the firm their first priority: CONTACT + CALL.

Wondering how we rated these websites? Here was our criteria to test and determine which law firm websites are the very best online.


When it comes to lawyer website SEO, site speed is used by search engines, such as Google, to rank pages in the results. We used Google’s PageSpeed Insights Tool to figure out just how fast these websites load.

The scores provided from this tool is meant to guide web developers to make the necessary modifications to improve site performance and SEO. On average, have a score in the green is good but can be difficult to design if your website is heavy with large graphics and other complex coding.


We used this Mozbar web browser tool to measure site speed. We refreshed the site up to 5 times and took the best load time. Websites can be slow to start up, but once your cookies have been saved, a website loads significantly faster. Nonetheless, your website should have a fast load time. If it’s taking more than a few seconds for your page to load, you’re like to lose prospective clients.

NOTE: There are many ways to measure site performance. Google’s insights tool is just one of them. You may want to contact your web developer for a more detailed analysis and discuss ways to improve your site attributes.


In order to remain competitive online, your website has to be mobile friendly. We also used Currently, more people are browsing the web from their smartphones than they do on a PC. A mobile friendly law firm site gets the information people need right in the palm of their hands.


You see that little green lock in the top left corner of your browser search bar? That security lock (SSL Certification) assures visitors to your law firm’s website that the information they provide is safe and secure.


Wondering why visitors are leaving the moment the land on site? It could be the visual appeal, the color, or the images. Aesthetics play an important part in the overall experience and decision making process online. We made our own judgements as to what looks good and what elements on the page immediately caught our eye.


Websites should be built in a hierarchical way. This means their is the top (i.e. your home page) followed by a few sub pages (i.e. your tabs like Home, About, Services, etc.). Below all that will be various other pages like article posts.

We browsed through each site to see where it took us while getting a feel as to how easy it was to access the information we wanted. Does the website have a search bar? Is the content using distinct and understandable keywords?


Content is critical for getting your websites noticed in the search engines but most importantly to make an impression on visitors coming to a website. We reviewed the content on each page to see how they delivered the content and the overall layout while we read.

This part is important: contacting the firm. A website is an extension of your law firm online. If you don’t have recognizable and accessible method to contact your firm, you’re wasting a lot of resources with your website online.

When we ran our tests, we checked to see whether contact was a top priority as well as the methods you could get in touch with that firm.

We have also reviewed the best law firm websites of 2017 and make our predictions for the best websites for 2018.


If you’re feeling frustrated trying to set up a website for your law firm, why not get one designed for you which fits your goals, images, and of course, budget? Get in touch with us today and we’ll introduce you to some of our top designers to create a custom-made site for your law firm.